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Cannula with Pigtail -Salter -Split - 7' O2 and EtCO2 (Box 25)

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Salter - Since 1976 Salter Labs has positioned itself to approach both the hospital and home care markets with products reflecting both innovation and exceptional quality.

Has a Pigtail for mouth-breathers or patients that are congested.

This cannula has a 7 ft sample line with luer lock connector at one end an O2 line on the other. Salter's unique design is clinically tested and proven to be most effective.


The Salter Eyes prevent vacuum buildup in tubing for more accurate reading. The cannulas are divided for separate Q2 and EtCO2 readings.

You must choose Male or Female as follows:

 Male for CritiCare and Nonin

Female for Edan Monitor